This past weekend, we got to go to Kansas City to visit Jon’s family. We were originally supposed to arrive on Thursday, but delayed our flight until Friday morning, due to this beautiful snowstorm that arrived there. As sad as we were to have to shorten our trip, it was so much fun getting to see Matilda play in snow for the first time in her life. She loved it, and would have stayed out there for hours, if we had proper snow gear! Being from Tennessee, we are lucky to get an inch every other year, so this was a real treat! 

Sitting here in the dark, with my sweet Hazel June snuggled up against me. She and I both woke up early this morning, because its a special day! Hazel is getting dedicated at church today. I cannot believe that my darling baby girl has already been in this world for nearly 10 weeks. It really feels like just yesterday that we were rushing to the hospital and meeting her in person for the very first time. But at the same time it feels like she has always been a part of our little family.

Respecting Others

I read this article recently and sat there saying YES over and over again. The paragraph below in particular stood out. I really want my sweet girls growing up respecting everyone around them, not finding things to belittle others for. Go read the whole article. You won’t regret it. 

So, angry, debating ladies… here’s the thing. My daughter is watching me AND you to learn what it means to be a woman. And I’d like her to learn that a woman’s value is determined less by her career choices and more by how she treats other women, in particular, women who are different than she is. I’d like her to learn that her strength is defined by her honesty and her ability to exist in grey areas without succumbing to masking her insecurities with generalizations or accusations. And I’d like her to learn that the only way to be both graceful and powerful is to dance among the endless definitions of the word woman… and to refuse to organize women into categories, to view ideas in black and white, or to choose sides and come out swinging. Because being a woman is not that easy, and it’s not that hard.

music to come alive to

When I was in labor with Matilda, I had music playing in the background the entire time I was laboring and giving birth. I loved that my little lady was entering the world with beautiful music playing. When she was born, Nick Drake was singing her into this world. 

This time around was no different. I wanted Hazel to be born to music I had been listening to all through my pregnancy. I took my playlist from Matilda’s birth, added some new songs and made sure I had Rdio installed on my iPad and phone, so that I could have the music available. Unfortunately, Hazel had other plans and came a little faster than we thought she would - but I still love listening to this playlist on shuffle. So enjoy! 

Hazel’s umbilical cord fell off a lot sooner than Matilda’s did - we were able to give her a bath when she was just a week old (Matilda’s took 2 weeks to fall off!). I already miss this little smooshed up baby - she has changed so much since this time! 

Christmas this year was so very special. Having children makes the holidays just magical, especially when they are old enough to really enjoy all the aspects of it. I didn’t take a ton of photos this Christmas, as we were pretty busy with a 3 week old and a toddler, but these were a few that I wanted to post to remember. Our first Christmas as a family of 4. 

Our sweet Hazel June is 2 months old! I cannot believe it has already been 8 weeks since she entered our lives and made us all fall in love with her instantly. It seems like only yesterday, yet it also feels like she has always been a part of our little family. 

She currently loves to eat, suck on her binky, SMILE!, eat, stare at her big sister, oh, and eat. This girls LOVES her milk. We have her 2 month wellness visit next week so I find out how much she has gained since birth. At 2 weeks she was up almost an entire pound from her birth weight. 

It’s a…. 


We are over the moon excited to be adding a new little girl to our family! Matilda is still unsure about this whole sharing Mama and Daddy business, but we have no doubts that when baby sister arrives, she will be an amazing big sister.

The rumors are true! The Arnold’s are expecting another little one November 30 (or around that time) and we cannot contain our excitement anymore! I have been extremely tired, but thankfully, the dizzy spells (which we found out were completely pregnancy related) are gone now. 

We cannot wait for this sweet baby to be here!

I honestly cannot believe Matilda is 18 months old (+ 2 weeks since this post is late!) When people told me this time would fly by, I didn’t believe them. But it’s so true. I feel like just yesterday we were celebrating her first birthday, and here we are, halfway to her second birthday (which i’ve maybe already started planning. Ahh! I just love parties so much!)

Some of Matilda’s favorite things this month: coloring, gymnastics, playdates with some her friends (Dylan, Toby, Hope,Tyler, Leah, Hudson, Stella), yogurt, pulling bows out of her hair, pointing out A’s and B’s anytime she sees them, birthday parties, Starbucks cake pops, mexican food, sidewalk chalk, playing the piano at her Meme and Poppy’s, run run running everywhere, music music and more music (some of her favorites include First Aid Kit, Mumford & Sons, the Civil Wars, Simon & Garfunkel, and early Beatles albums. I’m making sure she has good taste in music.)

Words Matilda now says: mama, dadda, stella (which also sounds a lot like dadda), bird, owl, Tidoe (Tyler), ‘art (heart), dink, mih (milk), bubba (blueberries), gogur (yogurt), hiiii, byebye, color, shoes, socks, at (hat), bow, baby, ball, book, bap (bath), ni-ni (night night), door, house, A, B, go, iPap (iPad), Babba (Yo Gabba Gabba) and probably one zillion other things, but I can’t think of them all right now.

Weight: 24lbs
Height: 35 inches

She also can successfully find and open Netflix on both our iPhones and iPads, find Yo Gabba Gabba and commence watching in the 10 seconds we look away or put them down. In fact, while I was typing this, she did just that.

All in all, being this little girl’s mama is one of the most amazing things ever. She is turning into a little ball of energy and I adore every single day with her. I am so blessed that I can be with her on a daily basis, and I definitely don’t take that for granted!